'Karen Patterson provided a safe and neutral environment for us to negotiate in. We were able to voice our opinions and state our worries without fear of backlash.She knew when to let us talk and when to interject with a different perspective on the matter. She made sure that all were heard and no one's voice was left out.We find ourselves incredibly grateful for the service she provided and feeling of relief that it left us with. Karen Patterson is both professional and understanding and we absolutely recommend her.'

'My husband and I were planning a family-related adoption.  We wanted to have an openness agreement, so that all members of the family understood their roles in this baby's life.  And, most especially, we wanted things to remain harmonious with all family members involved.

Karen met with my husband and myself and then with the other couple.  Then we all met together, and had an opportunity to share our feelings and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.  I know we all felt nervous meeting together, but afterwards, we all felt such peace of mind.  Each of the four of us commented that the process was wonderful....that we felt Karen did an excellent job of listening and understanding where and when to intervene to facilitate good communication.  And to ensure that each person's thoughts and views were properly heard. 

I would recommend Karen to anyone who is in need of this type of service.  I believe that her work with us in making this agreement has made this entire process much easier and less stressful.  Prior to attending the mediation meeting, we hoped things would go well.  We had no idea that it would surpass our expectations and go so much better than we even could have hoped for.'

Thanks Karen!