Family Mediation

Muskoka Family Works guides individuals, couples, and families through difficult experiences so that all those involved may find a constructive and peaceful resolution. Muskoka Family Works also offers specialized family mediation services such as Child Protection Mediation.


Muskoka Family Works can help you develop your Separation Plan in an amicable and cooperative way. Karen Patterson has a wealth of experience working with separating families and has developed over 500 court approved separation plans that have successfully become Legal Separation Agreements or Court Orders. 

Parenting Plans

It’s important for separated parents to work as a team to parent their children.  Muskoka Family Works helps parents develop plans that are workable for everyone and will give children the stability they need during this transition time in their family.

Blended Families

Blended family mediation can assist with the unique facets of bringing two households together.  

Family Conflict

At Muskoka Family Works, we help families have the difficult discussions that can cause tension and rifts.  We help families become whole again.


Relationship mediation enables a couple to get on the same side and create a unified plan when faced with a stressor or conflict. 


Reconciliation Mediation works with couples to create a new stage for moving forward. A place for a proactive and constructive plan for future challenges.

Child Protection Mediation

This specialized program, Funded by the Ministry of Family and Youth Services, is intended to help families and the Children’s Aid Society enhance their communication and develop ways to plan jointly for the needs of children. *Karen Patterson is an Accredited Child Protection Mediator.

Family Legacies

Legacy mediation is about creating a plan for the distribution and/or sharing of family assets (property, cottage or home).

Elder Care/Estate Planning

Muskoka Family Works guides family members through elder care planning and estate transactions, helping to sort through options and decisions. Mediation can facilitate decision-making in regards to the next stage of life