College Bound...

She's on her way!

She's on her way!

The day is finally coming and my Mama heart is breaking. My first and oldest is leaving home. 

In my mind, I know that this is what  much of my job as a parent has been about; preparing my kids to grow and launch into their own , wonderful, independent lives. The excitement in our home is palpable as she packs up her room. Her younger sister is crouching like a vulture; sorting through any discarded bits that the older one is leaving behind.

But I'm not ready!  How do you say goodbye as you drop them off  without turning into a blubbering, crying heap of Mama love?

I know that she needs me to be strong for her. I know that her younger sister needs me to be strong as well.  But sometimes, as a parent, I also know that I need to allow myself to be human and to feel the emotions that I need to feel. I've always known that this day would come. I had no idea that it would be this hard!

5 days left to goodbye....