Starting "big kid school"...

It's time. After all of the antcipation, your little person is finally going to enter big kid school.  This time will be full of excitement and new begnnings for both children and thier parents.  Here are a few pointers and tips  to keep in mind for all of you as you navigate this next step in you family's life. 



Young children don't always have the language skills to express what they're feeling.  Because of this, they often express themselves through behaviour.  You may find that your child demonstrates some of these behaviours: 



-sibling conflict

-inability to make decisions

-bedtime/sleep issues

-conflict with friends

 Tips for Parents: 

-give extra cuddles

-ensure that your child gets down time every day

-adjust bed time to ensure lots of sleep

-take time each week to talk about the exciting parts of the new school

-take opportunities to involve your child in any school prep activities at their new school


Parents may forget that this time is also an adjustment for them.  You may find that you are experiencing some of these behaviours and feelings: 

-short temper

-feelings of sadness or anxiety

-extra worries

-difficulty sleeping

-feelings of helplessness

 Tips for self-care: 

-feel informed about the school and the school community

-take time to volunteer at the school

-take some extra quiet time with your child

-lean on your spouse/partner for support

-be gentle with yourself. Understand that it takes time to adjust to change


By being mindful that transitions take time; and allowing yourself and your child the time to adjust,  the transition to big kid school can be an amazing and wonderful experience for both kids and parents alike!