From the Mouths of Babes

I had the best session with a little guy that I’ve been working with. As with many of the kids that I see, he had come to work with me because he was showing the strain of being caught in a difficult and angry separation between his parents. When we started, his “worry metre” was about 1/2 of his whole pie. (contact me if you want info about this pie idea). He felt unsupported and insecure because he constantly worried that his words might cause his parents to fall into another fight. He worried that he had no safety net if ever he needed or wanted “the other parent” during their non-custodial time.

Fast forward 8 months to yesterday. Yesterday, his worry sliver was about 1/20th of the whole pie! His reason why? “Mom and Dad are talking more”.  I couldn’t be more proud of these two parents!  It took hard work, trust building, and a willingness to try, but they’ve been able to become a team to coparent their son and give him the security that he needed.  It’s families like this that make my work worthwhile.