Becoming Spectacular

I saw a post on social media that said that we all can become spectacular. It got me thinking. I think that we already are. The problem is; too often we look for the “all or nothing”. We forget that it’s the little glimmers of spectacular (or peaceful, or kind, or content or whatever word you are working towards) that hold the most meaning. Life isn’t as easy as being Big ‘S’ Spectacular every day. It’s about understanding that we are always on a journey. It’s about forgiving ourselves for not being Perfection. It’s about allowing ourselves room to grow and learn. If we can just slow ourselves down, and take time to notice the glimmers, we can be on track toward feeling more fulfilled. So, today, I’m going to look for little bits of spectacular that are happening around me. I’m going to notice the beauty of the hummingbirds at the feeder. I’m going to see the times that I make someone smile. I challenge you to do the same. Let’s see the world through Spectacular Lenses; even if just for today.