Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys!

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Amazing things can happen when a tribe of women gather. Last night, I had the honour of hosting a group of dynamic and insightful women as we talked about creating healthy relationships and boundaries. Here is a list of some of the Zingers (aka, insightful thoughts) from the evening: 

1.  Create a bubble around your heart. Be present. Be giving. But know that you deserve to create the distance that is most comfortable for you. 

2.  Learn that you can't control other people's "sh*t".  It's freeing to understand when the things that a person is throwing your way are "not my sh*t" 

3. Decide if you want to struggle in life "because of" or succeed in life " in spite of". 

4.  Be gentle with yourself. 

5. Learn to accept what you can't change. 

6.  Look for the strength within yourself. A strong person is better able to withstand outside stressors. 

7. Be honest within yourself. Keep negativity to yourself. 

8. Be authentic. Be true to you and your values. 

9. You set the terms of what you are willing to let close to your heart.  

10. Don't feel guilty for setting boundaries. 

As I look over this list of ideas, I'm aware of themes of strength, self love, authenticity and self-permission.  It appears that the tricks and tools for managing our Monkeys lies within ourselves. The Monkeys are going to over run the Circus unless each of us take the steps to contain them!

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