Women and Wisdom...Talking Finances

It was so amazing to have April McClung, financial advisor, co-host the most recent Women and Wisdom night!  We had a great group of women with married friends, single friends, mom's of wee ones and mom's of grown ones and others of varied backgrounds and life stories. There were lots of great questions and sharing of tips. Here's an overview of some of the "nuggets" that we talked about: 

At what age should I start teaching my children about money / allowance? 

What is critical illness insurance and why is it important? 

Should I pay down debt before I start saving? 

What are some tips for managing my home finances so that I can make sure that everything is covered?

What  about RRSP's? 

What are some tricks for paying down debt? 

It was clear that everyone at the table had questions, and everyone at the table had different ways of managing life. It always amazes me to see the energy and wisdom in the room when a group of women get together to share! 

Our next Women and Wisdom night will be in April. We'll be talking about "taking care of me" and the ways that we let things get in the way of our success.  I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone again!